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Independent Corporate and Management Advisors in
the Middle East

Introducing our law firm

DH Corporate Advisory Services FZE, a Dubai-based consultancy, specializes in optimizing organic and inorganic strategies for a select clientele in the Middle East and internationally. Our team comprises former 'Big 4' financial consultants, including senior partners with over three decades of experience advising Global Private Equity, Sovereign Wealth Funds, International Corporations, and large Family Businesses.


As an independent, owner-managed business, we prioritize client delivery and success with a laser-focused approach.

Who we work with

International Corporations
| M&A

International corporations seeking to acquire local Middle East businesses and requiring independent advice from a team with significant M&A experience both locally and internationally.

Middle East Family Groups
| Portfolio optimisation

Middle East Family Groups seeking to optimize their portfolios and seeking analytical driven advice on whether to sell, hold or consolidate their existing businesses.

Middle East Family Groups
| Portfolio Sale


Middle East Family Groups requiring Independent advice in relation to Exiting businesses that are no longer strategically important.

Middle East Expats
 Independent Sell


Middle East based Expatriates that have a medium-term ambition to successfully Exit their business and are seeking guidance and assistance with achieving an optimum outcome.

Middle East Entrepreneurs
| Strategic Advisory

Middle East based Entrepreneurs that require on-going strategic advice with building their business, where their end goal is a successful sale or Exit.

NYC DH Corporate Advisory Services in the Middle East Dubai

Our diverse team has successfully executed over 500 Transactions Globally.


Our professionals bring real-world experience as Principals in International Companies  and as BIG 4 Partners and Senior consultants.

Our Team

You require an independent corporate advisor in the Middle East for an Acquisition or Divestiture

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the region, we offer strategic insights, meticulous analysis, and a tailored approach to guide you through the intricate process of corporate transactions in the Middle East. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your interests are safeguarded, and your objectives are achieved efficiently.


Our Services

Independent Buy-side advisor
Abu Dhabi DH Corporate and Management Advisory Services in the Middle East Dubai

You are planning to acquire a Middle East based business and require:

  • Financial Due Diligence

  • Taxation Due Diligence

  • Commercial Due Diligence

  • Synergy analysis and Day 1 planning

Independent Sell-side advisor
Paris DH Corporate and Management Advisory Services in the Middle East Dubai

You are planning on selling your business and require:

  • Exit Readiness to determine whether your business is ready for the rigors of a protracted Exit process

  • Research and analysis on potential buyers

  • Deal preparation assistance including drafting of key sales material and anonymously approaching potential acquirors

  • Assistance with the Due Diligence process

  • Independent advice with negotiation and the definitive agreements

Portfolio Strategic options
Cairo DH Corporate and Management Advisory Services in the Middle East Dubai

You are seeking assistance with a strategic review of your portfolio and require:

  • Detailed analytical review of each business, the future direction of its market and its competitive landscape

  • Analyzing and ranking the portfolio to decide which to invest further in, which to hold and which to sell or Exit from.

Independent Corporate Advisor
Franfurt DH Corporate and Management Advisory Services in the Middle East Dubai

You are still building your business but require independent assistance while ensuring it is optimized for an eventual Exit, you require:

  • Assistance with preparation of Strategic, Operational and Financial business plans to achieve your goals

  • Regular interaction with decisions on how to scale the business, enter new markets, offer new services/products and build the correct infrastructure to support the business as you grow.

You are seeking to review an existing Family Business Portfolio and set its future strategic direction. You want independent advice on which businesses to invest further in, those to hold and those that could be sold.

Seek independent advice for informed decisions on potential investments, holdings, and divestitures for optimizing your Family Business Portfolio . Our expertise ensures a thorough evaluation, providing clarity on where to allocate resources for growth, which assets to retain, and identifying opportunities for divestment.

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